Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eagle Lord and Dangerous Person's Grand Adventure

It started off as any other hard week of playing Fight Man and dishing out burgers at Meaty Boy, but little did our two heroes know it would soon turn into one of the sickest adventures ever. Friday evening Eagle Lord and Dangerous Person headed out to the land of Joe Six Pack to stage their attack. After conferring with Mason, the best computer hacker they know, they decide that due to the potentially unstable snow in Hatchers they should head up to Hunter Creek to go exploring. After Climbing around The Cliffs of Insanity, the frigid waters teeming with shrieking eels and fighting off ice block head monsters with their mad ninja skills, the two trepid explorers happen upon some vertical ice. Unfortunately they sprung their trap too early and as they were at the top of the climb they found that just around the corner from where they were there was some truy wicked ice.

Scaling The Cliffs of Insanity

Eagle Lord, truely insane

The Cliffs of Insanity with frigid shrieking eel waters below

Awfull ice block head monsters

Ice block head monster, oh no!!

The ice bridge of terror

The next day Eagle Lord and Dangerous Person headed out to the Hillside Pillars of Doom. Early on their trek to the HPoD they found that there were fresh tracks in their path. Surprised, the two Fight Man champs thought it was their evil nemesis, Eric. He'd better watch out, that fool, yeah fool...... foolish sucka! But as it turned out it was Ice Elf Queen and her friend Tony. It was too funny because Ice Elf Queen, Tony, Dangerous Person and Eagle Lord seemed to know so many of the same people, it was a suprise that they didn't know each other previously. After a wonderful day the four of them vowed to meet again to vanquish Eric, the foolish sucka.

Dangerous Person trekking up to the Hillside Pillars of Doom

The Hillside Pillars of Doom

Dangerous Person scaling the HPoD

Off into the sunset, to vanquish Eric!

Dangerous Person staying dangerous

Eagle Lord strapped into the pointy end of the rope

Eagle Lord on the HPoD

The next day Dangerous Person and Eagle Lord went into the mountains to train for their impending fight with Eric. It was coming up quick; they only had a day left to train. While on the mountaintop they practiced their Flying Death Kick of Death.

Dangerous Person in the Purple People Eater Suit

Dangerous Person

OMG!! Is that Sasquatch.....or Sassafras

Eagle Lord into the Flying Death Kick of Death


Eagle Lord's Flying Death Kick of Death

Dangerous Person's Flying Death Kick of Death

Finally Tuesday rolled around and Dangerous Person and Eagle Lord headed out to Eklutna to face their nemesis at Ripple. Unfortunately Eric never showed! That fool...... yeah that foolish sucka! He'll meet Justice yet.

Dangerous Person approaching Ripple, without Eric!

To be continued.....


John said...

We wait with bated breath (or bait breath?) and bruised thighs for the excited sequel, O Eagle Lord!

Karl Schauer said...

I almost came as an eagle actually, then I realized that a shark is slightly better.