Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eagle Lord and Dangerous Person's Grand Adventure

It started off as any other hard week of playing Fight Man and dishing out burgers at Meaty Boy, but little did our two heroes know it would soon turn into one of the sickest adventures ever. Friday evening Eagle Lord and Dangerous Person headed out to the land of Joe Six Pack to stage their attack. After conferring with Mason, the best computer hacker they know, they decide that due to the potentially unstable snow in Hatchers they should head up to Hunter Creek to go exploring. After Climbing around The Cliffs of Insanity, the frigid waters teeming with shrieking eels and fighting off ice block head monsters with their mad ninja skills, the two trepid explorers happen upon some vertical ice. Unfortunately they sprung their trap too early and as they were at the top of the climb they found that just around the corner from where they were there was some truy wicked ice.

Scaling The Cliffs of Insanity

Eagle Lord, truely insane

The Cliffs of Insanity with frigid shrieking eel waters below

Awfull ice block head monsters

Ice block head monster, oh no!!

The ice bridge of terror

The next day Eagle Lord and Dangerous Person headed out to the Hillside Pillars of Doom. Early on their trek to the HPoD they found that there were fresh tracks in their path. Surprised, the two Fight Man champs thought it was their evil nemesis, Eric. He'd better watch out, that fool, yeah fool...... foolish sucka! But as it turned out it was Ice Elf Queen and her friend Tony. It was too funny because Ice Elf Queen, Tony, Dangerous Person and Eagle Lord seemed to know so many of the same people, it was a suprise that they didn't know each other previously. After a wonderful day the four of them vowed to meet again to vanquish Eric, the foolish sucka.

Dangerous Person trekking up to the Hillside Pillars of Doom

The Hillside Pillars of Doom

Dangerous Person scaling the HPoD

Off into the sunset, to vanquish Eric!

Dangerous Person staying dangerous

Eagle Lord strapped into the pointy end of the rope

Eagle Lord on the HPoD

The next day Dangerous Person and Eagle Lord went into the mountains to train for their impending fight with Eric. It was coming up quick; they only had a day left to train. While on the mountaintop they practiced their Flying Death Kick of Death.

Dangerous Person in the Purple People Eater Suit

Dangerous Person

OMG!! Is that Sasquatch.....or Sassafras

Eagle Lord into the Flying Death Kick of Death


Eagle Lord's Flying Death Kick of Death

Dangerous Person's Flying Death Kick of Death

Finally Tuesday rolled around and Dangerous Person and Eagle Lord headed out to Eklutna to face their nemesis at Ripple. Unfortunately Eric never showed! That fool...... yeah that foolish sucka! He'll meet Justice yet.

Dangerous Person approaching Ripple, without Eric!

To be continued.....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kayak for Sale

Well, after moving around a bit and dealing with a rediculous amount of stuff. I have decided to sell my Big EZ. So if anyone is interested I'll toss it out there for $300 and see if there are any bites. I would even be willing to teach whoever buys the boat how to roll. Pool sessions are open now, so the learning is a lot easier now than later (the teaching is much easier as well). It is fairly well used, but a great boat for a river runner, and to learn in. On top of that the boat surfed the boar tide last spring at the spring tide! Let me know if you are interested.

In other news, I seem to be dragging the weather around with me. When I went to Houston it snowed, and when I came back to Alaska it decided to rain and melt almost all the snow. Sadly Cassie and my plans were foiled once again. We had planned on going out to my cabin this weekend. However, with UAA closed the last couple days, all of her nursing classes that were cancelled got reschedualed to today. So it doesn't quite seem logical to drive for six hours out there, spend a day there, and drive six hours back. SO, now we have to find some other fun things to do this weekend. Ideas? I guess the Beer and Barley Wine Festival is going on this weekend. We might just go spend a rainy winter day inside tasting beer, perhaps it will help my rock and roll image. Yeah, there we go, I could go for a big delicous beer. I could have a gallon, a big gallon of it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back in Alaska

It is really nice to be back in Alaska! This trip has really given me an appreciation for what Alaska has to offer. Where else can you be right on the ocean, with 5,000 foot peaks within a 15 minute drive? The views here are just phenomenal. I really love Alaska!

Yesterday I was pretty tired, yet I kept trying to cram everything in. I went around and visited friends, then went up into the mountains to go sledding. It was really cool to go sledding in the mountains at sunset. Cassie and broke yet another sled on our sledding adventure. This one probably broke after we launched off a steeper section and fell a good 8 feet. If anyone can think of a good sled sponsorship let us know. The plan then was to go to the pool to go kayaking. But after staying up late to deal with my missing baggage, we decided to call it quits a little early.

Alright, so NEVER fly with Alaska Airlines!! They have screwed up far too many things for me and my friends. The last straw was when they sent my bag from Portland to San Francisco rather than to Anchorage. They put someone else’s bag tag on my bag, after looking at my ticket and ID twice! AK Air is completely incompetent and I hope that within the near future they either go bankrupt or have a turnover in management. Either way, I would like to encourage anyone reading this to NEVER fly with AK Air.

Alright, enough ranting. It’s snowing outside, and I've got some skiing and moving to do. Later!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Long Awaited Travel Picture Post

Finally the long awaited picture post. I went ahead and pulled out the best pictures of my 530 pictures. Enjoy!!

The modern town of Copan.

Macaws at the entrance to the ruins in Copan.

The symmetry in Copan was ridiculous! All the corners make a strait line, as do the edges.

Some of the glyphs at Copan.

Looking at some of the statues in the courtyard in Copan.

The central stage in Copan.

Looking through the trees down to the courtyard in Copan.


The ball court in Copan.

The upper class housing in Copan.

The jaguar alter. Apparently they would sacrafice jaguars on this alter. Along the rim of this alter area depictions of all the kings that rulled over Copan.

An aligator or crocidile (which ever they have over there) head in Copan.

The central stage in Copan. The accoustics are amazing here. You can hear a clap from the top of that pyriamid anywhere in the courtyard.

Max saddling up for our horse ride in Copan.

Riding up to a village over looking the ruins.

Checking out the village above Copan.

Fabio was a little worried that there were snakes in the grass.

One of the many beautiful sunsets in Utila.


The Tree Tanic Bar in Utila. The whole place was a work of art!

All the previous pictures were the court yard under the bar, which is in a pirate ship in the trees. This is the actual bar.

The enterance to Tree Tanic. If you ever come across this sight, go in those doors. It is the coolest work of art I have ever seen.

Yours truly in Utila.

Leaving Honduras

The ride out to San Marcos on Lake Atitlan

Volcan San Pedro on Lake Atitlan

Painting on the rocks in San Marcos

Lake Atitlan

The first thing you see walking into San Marcos.

One of the awesome views on the paths in San Marcos

My Christmas Buddy

Lake Atitlan

Sunset on Lake Atitlan

Kayaking in Guatemala on Lake Atitlan

Three of the volcanos along the rim of Lake Atitlan.

Looking out from Pacaya Volcano at a volcano near Antigua

Everyone waiting to go up Pacaya. This is about half way up.

Brent and Atlan ready to go up Pacaya.


Tons of people going up Pacaya.

Sunset on Pacaya

Pahoehoe on Pacaya

Hurray for lava!!

So ridiculous!

Celebrating with Gallo at the top (PBR wasn't available in Guatemala)

Roasting marshmallows on Pacaya.

River of lava!

Poking lava with a stick!

Red hot rocks in a crack on Pacaya

The cathedral all lite up in Antigua.

El Ritiro in Lanquin. Great place to stay, minus the fleas in the hammocks.

At the top of this small cascade in Semuc Champy there is a really cool limestone cave that we went caving in for an hour.

Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey

And again.

One of the pools at Semuc.

At Semuc the river goes under the terquoise pools. This is where the river goes under the ground.

Going under the ground.

And gone....

The upper most pool at Semuc


Pablo at Semuc

Semuc once again.

The other end of the underground river.

Looking upstream at where the river comes out of the ground.

Leaving Lanquin