Monday, January 5, 2009

The Long Awaited Travel Picture Post

Finally the long awaited picture post. I went ahead and pulled out the best pictures of my 530 pictures. Enjoy!!

The modern town of Copan.

Macaws at the entrance to the ruins in Copan.

The symmetry in Copan was ridiculous! All the corners make a strait line, as do the edges.

Some of the glyphs at Copan.

Looking at some of the statues in the courtyard in Copan.

The central stage in Copan.

Looking through the trees down to the courtyard in Copan.


The ball court in Copan.

The upper class housing in Copan.

The jaguar alter. Apparently they would sacrafice jaguars on this alter. Along the rim of this alter area depictions of all the kings that rulled over Copan.

An aligator or crocidile (which ever they have over there) head in Copan.

The central stage in Copan. The accoustics are amazing here. You can hear a clap from the top of that pyriamid anywhere in the courtyard.

Max saddling up for our horse ride in Copan.

Riding up to a village over looking the ruins.

Checking out the village above Copan.

Fabio was a little worried that there were snakes in the grass.

One of the many beautiful sunsets in Utila.


The Tree Tanic Bar in Utila. The whole place was a work of art!

All the previous pictures were the court yard under the bar, which is in a pirate ship in the trees. This is the actual bar.

The enterance to Tree Tanic. If you ever come across this sight, go in those doors. It is the coolest work of art I have ever seen.

Yours truly in Utila.

Leaving Honduras

The ride out to San Marcos on Lake Atitlan

Volcan San Pedro on Lake Atitlan

Painting on the rocks in San Marcos

Lake Atitlan

The first thing you see walking into San Marcos.

One of the awesome views on the paths in San Marcos

My Christmas Buddy

Lake Atitlan

Sunset on Lake Atitlan

Kayaking in Guatemala on Lake Atitlan

Three of the volcanos along the rim of Lake Atitlan.

Looking out from Pacaya Volcano at a volcano near Antigua

Everyone waiting to go up Pacaya. This is about half way up.

Brent and Atlan ready to go up Pacaya.


Tons of people going up Pacaya.

Sunset on Pacaya

Pahoehoe on Pacaya

Hurray for lava!!

So ridiculous!

Celebrating with Gallo at the top (PBR wasn't available in Guatemala)

Roasting marshmallows on Pacaya.

River of lava!

Poking lava with a stick!

Red hot rocks in a crack on Pacaya

The cathedral all lite up in Antigua.

El Ritiro in Lanquin. Great place to stay, minus the fleas in the hammocks.

At the top of this small cascade in Semuc Champy there is a really cool limestone cave that we went caving in for an hour.

Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey

And again.

One of the pools at Semuc.

At Semuc the river goes under the terquoise pools. This is where the river goes under the ground.

Going under the ground.

And gone....

The upper most pool at Semuc


Pablo at Semuc

Semuc once again.

The other end of the underground river.

Looking upstream at where the river comes out of the ground.

Leaving Lanquin



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Wow! What great photos and adventures, Paul! Thanks for posting these!