Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back in Alaska

It is really nice to be back in Alaska! This trip has really given me an appreciation for what Alaska has to offer. Where else can you be right on the ocean, with 5,000 foot peaks within a 15 minute drive? The views here are just phenomenal. I really love Alaska!

Yesterday I was pretty tired, yet I kept trying to cram everything in. I went around and visited friends, then went up into the mountains to go sledding. It was really cool to go sledding in the mountains at sunset. Cassie and broke yet another sled on our sledding adventure. This one probably broke after we launched off a steeper section and fell a good 8 feet. If anyone can think of a good sled sponsorship let us know. The plan then was to go to the pool to go kayaking. But after staying up late to deal with my missing baggage, we decided to call it quits a little early.

Alright, so NEVER fly with Alaska Airlines!! They have screwed up far too many things for me and my friends. The last straw was when they sent my bag from Portland to San Francisco rather than to Anchorage. They put someone else’s bag tag on my bag, after looking at my ticket and ID twice! AK Air is completely incompetent and I hope that within the near future they either go bankrupt or have a turnover in management. Either way, I would like to encourage anyone reading this to NEVER fly with AK Air.

Alright, enough ranting. It’s snowing outside, and I've got some skiing and moving to do. Later!

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