Friday, January 16, 2009

Kayak for Sale

Well, after moving around a bit and dealing with a rediculous amount of stuff. I have decided to sell my Big EZ. So if anyone is interested I'll toss it out there for $300 and see if there are any bites. I would even be willing to teach whoever buys the boat how to roll. Pool sessions are open now, so the learning is a lot easier now than later (the teaching is much easier as well). It is fairly well used, but a great boat for a river runner, and to learn in. On top of that the boat surfed the boar tide last spring at the spring tide! Let me know if you are interested.

In other news, I seem to be dragging the weather around with me. When I went to Houston it snowed, and when I came back to Alaska it decided to rain and melt almost all the snow. Sadly Cassie and my plans were foiled once again. We had planned on going out to my cabin this weekend. However, with UAA closed the last couple days, all of her nursing classes that were cancelled got reschedualed to today. So it doesn't quite seem logical to drive for six hours out there, spend a day there, and drive six hours back. SO, now we have to find some other fun things to do this weekend. Ideas? I guess the Beer and Barley Wine Festival is going on this weekend. We might just go spend a rainy winter day inside tasting beer, perhaps it will help my rock and roll image. Yeah, there we go, I could go for a big delicous beer. I could have a gallon, a big gallon of it.


Karl Schauer said...

Mmmmm.... yum, yummy that's a good beer.

Unknown said...

Still selling that kayak. If so give me a holler. Im not sure if youll be able to respond to this comment or how it works but.... my email is
hope to hear from you,