Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The Adventures of Eagle Lord and Dangerous Person have been interupted to bring you this special update.....

Cassie and Paul about to embark on another Bike-blading escapade.

In other news from the Anchorage area, temperatures have dropped below zero yet again. However, this did not stop local enthusiasts, Paul and Cassie, from enjoying the little known sport of bike-blading. In bike-blading one person rides a bike while the other one is towed along on ski-blades.

"It is very similar to bike joring or water skiing, except this time the bike is doing all the work." explains Paul in a post bike-blading interview.

"[Bike-blading] is possibly the most awesome thing out there!" exclaimed and ecstatic Cassie.

The two were spotted ripping around the Turnagian subdivision late Tuesday night. They were repeatedly seen banking off the snow berms, being towed backwards, and having far too much fun in the subzero temperatures.

Two excited bike-bladers

Paul putting in the hard work

Look mom, one hand!

Paul's turn behind the bike


John said...

Too much fun! (or too much time...?)
Did you know that the Fur Rondy mushing organizers are looking for skiers to do a reindeer-joring exhibition?

Pablo said...

One of the two. Wait a sec. Who has too much time, aren't you supposed to be at work. I'm just waiting to work.

Too many ideas, I'll have to look into the reindeer joring. Stay tuned for the next update. Friday's adventure is sure to top this!

Unknown said...

I really like the last few posts. I am looking forward to hanging out this spring.