Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have found paradise! Utila is a really cool town/island. The atmosphere is really laid back and everyone is really nice. It is also nice that the language on the island is english, so it is not very stress full. I got in a couple days ago and am really sad that I will have to leave on Saturday.

Yesterday I started SCUBA diving school at Utila Water Sports. Scuba diving is really cool; there is a whole other world under the water. I´m really glad I was able to get this in. I had a little trouble at first with my claustraphobia, but scuba diving is all about mind over matter. This is the first time I have come into problems with how fit I am/was. With my lungs from skiing I burn through a tank of oxygen REALLY fast, and I have a hard time staying bouyant because I don´t have much fat and with my lung volume causes me to rise and fall a whole lot when I breath. I guess it will take some getting used to, I´ve only done on real dive so far.

There is the coolest bar in the world here. It is called Tree Tanic. It is this pirate ship up in the trees! The owner spent 12 years building the place, and must have done so on drugs. The whole place is a work of art! There are amazing mosaics, and really crazy stairs. You´ll have to check out my pictures on facebook.

I have finally found a place that has fast enough internet to upload some pictures. Because in facebook I can upload a large batch all at once I have been slowly putting pictures on facebook. I´ll see if I can get some here.

Well off to lunch and my second dive!


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