Thursday, December 11, 2008


Really quick update....

Holly cow! What an experience getting into Guatemala. I am a bumbling idiot. I don´t understand a thing. After a bunch of bumbling and stumbling I got a ticket to Copan and found my hotel. The sawed off shot gun toting policia are friendly. I don´t want to see why they have shot guns.

Well while it is still light out I´m going to go stumble and bumble some more to see if I can find sustinance, and a less meandering path to the bus terminal.

I´m probably going to go to Copan and hang out there and go to a spanish school since I am a bumbling idiot.

Well I´m off.... wish me luck.....I´ll need it.


Pictures will come. I don´t want to look like a total tourist. I already have the deer in the head lights look.

Hasta mañana

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John said...

Just keep smiling, Gringo!
Una mas cervesa frio, por favor.