Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Senior Nationals

Its been a little while. I've been having some computer issues lately. Hopefully I will get it figured out in the next day or so.

Anyways, Houghton has been great. We have been getting dumped on. Its been much better here than last year. Last year they had just enough snow to host the races, this year we almost have too much. Most of the team has been staying in the Ramada in Hancock, just across the isle from Houghton. We also have access to a team mate's friend's house just up to the hill to cook meals and wax. We originally planned on staying there, but there is a lot of cat hair all over the house and a few team mates have cat allergies so a bunch of us moved down to the Ramada to sleep and hang out. There was so much cat hair floating about up there that I learned that I have a mild cat allergy. I never really noticed it at home, but after spending a night up there I had a really scratchy throat and couldn't keep from coughing.

The distance races have been alright. I felt pretty good in my skate race. I definitely left it all out on the course. The classic race was pretty rough. My plan was to take it out easy and pick it up the second lap so I could have even splits. I couldn't seem to get going though. It was almost like I was in slow motion. There is still the skate sprint this Saturday. You can check out results at itiming.com.

Sunday we take off for our collegiate races at Soldier Hollow, Utah and Winter Park, Colorado. I'll get pictures up as soon as I can get my computer running. Karl and I were able to get some really good pictures of the whole Alaska crew.

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