Sunday, January 13, 2008

Senior National Pictures

While I have a computer with my pictures, some battery power, and a fast internet connection I figured I would post some of my best pictures from Senior Nationals.

10k Skate

Ryan heading up the first major climb of the 10k skate.

Ryan getting some splits from Trond and Jane.

Karl with his game face on.

15k Classic (Pictures by Karl)

Brent, looking strong.

Bart. For some reason I think he is hurting.

Tyson. This must have been a painful race or something.

Here I am somewhere in the classic race.

Trond, giving splits in the classic race.

Skate Sprint

Chris Cook, US Ski Team, leading the Flying V.

Tyson, in the blue, in his quarter final. The heats were very close.

The men's sprint final. Very tight!

A very determined Laura, way ahead of the rest of the pack.

Team Classic Sprint

Its Joe Dirt! No, wait, its only Brian.

Andy Newell must have some fast skis.

Torin Koos, US Ski Team, so far ahead no one else is in focus!

Reese on his way to Junior Worlds.

Zach with his game face on.

Brent sticking it to the competition

Max tearing up the nanooks.

Tyson smiling where everyone else was grimacing. He must know something we don't.

Winter Stars, Eric and Tyler, hanging with the big guns.

Mark. Done...finally.

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