Friday, January 18, 2008

10k Skate Tomorrow

We've been in Colorado for a few days now and the temperature isn't quite as harsh as it was when we arrived. It was a bit chilly yesterday, hanging around -20 C, it was slightly warmer today though. At least waxing will be really easy.

The whole team is staying in one large cabin right on the race trail. It has been fun to be able to stay as an entire team in one location. We may all be in one building but most of the time everyone is in thier own world surfing the internet on their laptops. The best thing about staying here is that we are within a minutes walk from the trail. I really like the course here at Snow Mountain Ranch. It is on a narrower, windy course with some long gradual hills. The best thing about the course is one of the loops' names, Audun, named after Audun Endestad! I've been feeling really good so I'm looking forward to having some great races this weekend. The past two days when I went out for a ski I could hardly feel the 8,800 feet of elevation. It will feel really nice to ski at sea level back in Anchorage next week.

Our humble little abode right on the ski trail.

The cabin's name.

This is how far we have to walk to get on the race course. Our house is on the right, Utah is on the left.

The section of the race course right out our door. This is the firt long gradual climb on Audun, about 250 meters out of the start.

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