Friday, December 28, 2007

On the road again

The travel season has begun. I'm in the Anchorage airport right now getting ready to leave for Houghton, Michigan for US Nationals. I left Fairbanks yesterday to travel to Anchorage. I have three races there before the team leaves to go to two more race series at Soldier Hollow, Utah, just out side of Salt Lake, and Winter Park, Colorado. I will be on the road for just about a month, December 28th to January 21st. It shouldn’t be too bad though. We had a pretty similar trip last year. The nice thing about the trip is that we will only miss one week of school.

My time spent in Fairbanks was really nice. It never got too cold (I think it only dipped below 0 once, and that time it was only -2 F), and the tracks were nice. It was really nice to be home for a change and not have school work looming over my head. Training felt really good while I was at home; better than I have felt in quite some time. Maybe it was some combination of being home, no school, and the training cycle, but either way I’m ready to have some good races at US Nationals.

I was finally able to get out really quick and play with the new camera. Here are a few shots that I was able to get in the little bit of time that the sun was out when I wasn’t skiing.

Beautiful Fairbanks winter light

The ol’ faithful wax shed

Dad and the pups

More Fairbanks winter light

Birch Hill

Heading out for a ski

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