Saturday, November 6, 2010

Anyone still there?

There is still someone on this end of the blog. Is anyone still listening?

Well things have finally started to turn around for this poor blog. I actually have a computer (that works), and I've got an internet connection. I'm always trying to be out and doing something and if I'm not doing anything I'll try to be editing photos and posting them up here. Recently I've realized that what I really want to do is go on awesome adventures with friends, and share those adventures with my family and friends that couldn't make it. So in other words, this blog is up and running again, so please stay tuned.

The biggest reason for getting this computer was to be able to use my camera to its full advantage. I've spent the last month trying to get caught up on old pictures (deleting duplicates and bad pictures, and doing simple edits). Once I got caught up, today, I installed a demo version of Adobe Lightroom to use for my DSLR. I thought that Lightroom would be pretty intuitive and that I could crank out a bunch of pictures today to share with you guys. But it has proven to be a little more tedious that I thought. I was able to get one picture done though.

Here are a couple pictures I've finished up from the Klondike this year. For those that don't know the Klondike is one part road trip, one part 100 mile running relay, and one part party thrown into a school bus and shaken for three days.

Stay tuned as the snow is here, and the ice has formed. I'm heading out tomorrow with Karl, Steffi and Cassie to go explore Kid Around the Corner up Caribou Creek. On that note, I'd better get my points sharpended, gear together, and camera in the bag.

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John said...

We're still here, and we're excited to see some updates! Love the new look.