Monday, November 8, 2010

Kid Around the Corner

After bumbling around Sunday morning figuring out how daylight savings time and our prearranged meeting times aligned, Karl, Cassie, Steffie and I drove two hours North of Anchorage to climb Kid Around the Corner. Typically Kid Around the Corner is a convenient climb with a short approach, three pitches, and then you can walk off back to the car. This was not the case. In the early season you have to hike up the bluff to the top of the climb, then rappel down the climb in order to climb back up because Caribou Creek is not frozen. Despite the extra work the climb was a blast. The ice was good, but thin and hollow in some parts, which made for some stressed, but non technical leads.

Besides starting the winter off with a bang, I was really excited to get back home and get my pictures worked up in Lightroom. It took a little bit of learning and experimenting to get used to the software, but for the most part it wasn't too bad to learn Lightroom. I feel like I can get around no problem in LR, but I still feel like I have hardly scratched the surface. I think that part of the learning curve for me are all the tricks that correspond with color photography editing, as all of the photography I've done has been black and white and in darkrooms. As far as color photography is concerned I really like that I can play with different colors individually inorder to make different things really pop. I think that one of my favorite features in LR is the nondestructive history. It is fun to see the progress though working up a photo as well as being able to go back and start fresh.

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John said...

Wow! Looks like a fun outing. Great photos, Paul. So cool to see you exercising your talents on the ice, behind the lens, and on the computer.