Thursday, September 2, 2010


So I'm hiking 5 miles in to run Jarvis Creek in the Alaska Range this weekend. I'm pretty stoked, it has been about 6 years since I've done the run. It is pretty much Fairbanks' version of Six Mile. Thinking about it, they should probably swap the names. Six mile would make more sense on Jarvis creek with the hike in. What does Six Mile refer to anyways?

Well I was looking for a good way to rig my kayak for the hike in. I think I've found it. I rigged the whole thing with the shoulder straps from my Gregory Denali Pro pack and an old hip belt I had from the last time I went into Jarvis Creek. I went to AMH and bought 5' of 2" webbing, 5' of 1" webbing, two dual locking buckles, two 2" sliders, and two 1" sliders to rig the shoulder straps with. I'm not sure what the whole set up weighs but it seems to carry fairly well (but what does a few straps matter when you are already carrying 44+lbs of kayak and gear?). So far running around my place with it on, it feels more comfortable than the set up I had going into Disappointment Creek. I'll have to let you know how it works after the weekend. Here's a little video I made with the set up.

Here is one of the last runs done on Jarvis Creek. (It doesn't get done all that often due to the level of boaters in the area, accessibility, and knowledge of the run).

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