Saturday, October 11, 2008

South Fork of Montana Creek, Equinox Expedition

The South Fork of Montana Creek is a pretty cool run. It is really laid back with some cool drops. The week after John and I ran the creek I took my old man out there on the equinox. We were all about the Flip video camera he had and went crazy that day taking video. We were able to catch all the major drops, and even the name sake for one of the drops (Paddle Chalk, I bet you can't guess which one). So after my Dad slaved away on the video, here is the final project. Enjoy!

The paddling season is pretty much over now and we are in limbo up here in Alaska. It is a bit too cold and the water is too low in most places to go kayaking, and there isn't enough snow to go skiing. I finished up my internship at the USGS at the beginning of the month and have been kicking around trying to figure out travel plans. It looks like I'll be taking off for India on the 28th of November instead of the 15th of October. Until then stay tuned. I've got nothing better to do than go find fun stuff to post.

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Unknown said...

Nice post man, I have meaning to give you a call one of these days before you take off on your trip. Keep having fun. I just got a Flip too and this is good motivation to take some cool video.