Monday, June 4, 2012

Game On

An hour and a half North of Anchorage is one of the best creeks in Alaska. Upper Willow Creek has everything; pristine clear water, a dramatic granite canyon, steep gradient (the canyon averages 250 ft/mile), lots of sieves and undercuts, gigantic boofs, and challenging rapids. For lack of a better word, Upper Willow Creek is stout.

Timmy J, Matt and I suited up on 6/2/12 for the 2012 inaugural descent of Upper Willow Creek. The creek (or should I say river) was holding steady at 800 cfs and everything was good to go. No trees as of yet, but the water is rising. However, unlike Six Mile, Upper Willow doesn't have a bunch of trees lurking along the banks.

It's June and time to get the butterflies flying in formation and send it! Game on!

Timmy puckered up and styling the mandatory Triple Drop

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