Tuesday, June 26, 2012

AK Creek Report

Ingram Creek

There are a few things to note on Ingram Creek. First off the Upper run has a lot of wood in it as of June 17th. Be sure to take a good look at the Bowling Alley and decide if the wood in there is acceptable for you if you decide to run it. On the brighter side of things the big log jam upstream of Breach Baby is totally gone, but those trees may have hung up just down stream of The Green Room. Besides lots of wood lurking in and along the creek the speed trap hole in the slide below Gilligan's Island seems to be extra munchy this year. Either things have changed since last fall's high water events or I just haven't been in there at this high of a water level. Be sure to run the slide way river left and tuck up tight. If your lucky there may still even be some snow to hike in on.

Matt showing how easy the hike into Ingram has been this year.

Matt, aka Huckstar, firing up Grandma Falls, the very first drop on Upper Ingram.

 Timmy launching into the first drop of Ingram's Triple Drop (seriously we need to be more creative on rapid names....)

 The Huckstar showing us how its done on Moonshine

Peters Creek

Last night a few of us went out for a high water Peters Creek run and were sent scurrying away with our tails between our legs. After running Baked Alaska we were immediately confronted with trees in Zig Zag, Skateboard, and The Zit. It took us nearly two hours to make it from Baked Alaska to The Zit (probably no more than 400 meters). After running into all that wood we decided to hike out from there. Fortunately there is a nice trail along river left. If you do decide to take a trip down Peters Creek, watch out for a lot of wood! While hiking along the rim we saw another log all the way across the creek potentially between Rodeo Drive and Big Dog.

Kings River

Early in June we had a great trip down the Kings River at medium high water. It was my first trip down the Kings and I'm definitely looking forward to getting back for more and seeing what the creek is like at other flows. Medium high water was pretty fun, but it would certainly be nice to check out the creek in its classic turquoise color.

While we were on the run I dropped my paddle in the water. If by any chance anyone comes across a blue werner side kick paddle with a FILGO and Johnny Kayaker sticker please fire me a note, I would be stoked to get it back! Thanks!

Also of note on the Magic Mile. There are two trees to look out for: first there is a tree in the next major rapid after Bubble Gum, where the river turns to the right; secondly there is a tree in the river down stream of Pick Your Faith.

Archangel Creek

As the Little Su was on the rise we decided to head out to the Talkeetnas for a high water Archangel run. When the Little Su is running at 1300 cfs Archangel creek is a total flush. Close calls were had and if anyone finds a straight shaft werner sho-gun paddle on Archangel of the Little Su, fire me a note. I'm sure the owner would be stoked.

Video coming soon....

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