Friday, June 3, 2011


Despite the late cold temperatures and small snow pack the runs North of Anchorage are going off. Montana Creek has had higher, more sustained levels that I have seen in a while. Willow Creek had levels over 1,000 cfs, which brought back the play hole. It was the first time the hole has been seen since the fall flooding of 2006. Despite popular belief the Little Susitna and Archangel Creek flowed this year and it wasn't just managable, there was high water. Last Friday I met up with John, Tyson, JD, Xavier, and Ben for a high water run of the Lil' Su. Check it out:

Despite cooler temperatures the waters have been staying up there. I'm off tonight for some more great action on the Lil' Su, then heading up to Willow Creek for the resurrection of the Willow Festival. Hope to see you out there!

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Unknown said...

What a sweet video, tunes and ride!