Monday, November 23, 2009

Legalize Ship Creek!

Ship Creek, an amazing class IV creek, has been deemed illegal to run by the military. People have been sent to court and fined for running this gem of a whitewater run. Please help open up this amazing run by signing the petition at Life More Natural. Allan, the founder of Life More Natural (a non-profit organization to help promote a sustainable lifestyle), has put together a petition to save Ship Creek. Once again, please help save Ship Creek.

Also, Timmy J has a court hearing coming up in mid December for a Federal Trespassing charge he received this summer for kayaking on Ship Creek. Many of us have run into the MP's trying to get on or getting off of the run and have had no such charges, but rather polite run ins. Timmy would greatly appreciate a brief letter stating your encounter with the MP's. Your letters will be left anonymous, and it will not be tied back to you. You can reach Tim at I'm sure he would greatly appreciate any donation you feel acceptable to help pay for court and lawyer costs. It is a small community of kayakers up here, lets help a friend in need.

Thank you!

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